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This guide will show you how to do a Bare Metal Restore of a device.
In case of a disaster (e.g. your hard disk fails) or are migrating your Device to a similar hardware in another location you can use nuCDP to restore the partitions that are backed up.

nuCDP LiveCD

Note : You need the nuCDP LiveCD only if you are restoring the partition which had the Operating System. If you are restoring a partition which is not containing the OS or the boot partition, you can install nuCDP on the new Device and perform a Bare Metal Restore with the nuCDP Client installed.

If you are restoring the Operating Systems root partition you would need the nuCDP Client binary to perform the Bare Metal restore. The ISO is a LiveCD image (based on CentOS 6) with the nuCDP Client Binary. You can burn the ISO on a CD/DVD and make it bootable. Alternatively you can also make a bootable USB.
Note : Its important that you have the latest version of the nuCDP LiveCD.

Download the LiveCD

You can download the nuCDP LiveCD ISO from the nuCDP Downloads section :

Boot into the LiveCD

Once you have made a bootable CD/DVD/USB, you will need to boot into the nuCDP LiveCD. Please make sure to set the First Boot Device to the bootable media on which you have the nuCDP LiveCD. The following is a screenshot of the nuCDP LiveCD after booting :

LiveCD Desktop.jpg

Perform the Bare Metal Restore

nuCDP has a CLI interface to perform the bare metal restore.
To start the Bare Metail restore please execute the following command :

/usr/local/nucdp/client/cli -bm

The CLI utility will then ask for the following information. :

  • Hostname : The hostname of nuCDP Server where the backup is stored. e.g. If your nuCDP Server is installed on the server with hostname, you should enter or the IP Address of the server.
  • Port : The port of the nuCDP Server where the backup is stored. By default the port is 1781. If you have changed the nuCDP Server's Port, please enter the same here.
  • Account Username : The username of the account who owns the backup. You should enter the username of the account who had the device having the partition (block device) which you want to restore.
  • Account Password : The password of the account you entered above.
  • Device Name : The name of the Device (as per nuCDP Server) of which you want to restore the partition of. This is generally the hostname of the device.
  • Old Block Device : The old block device / partition you want to restore. e.g. /dev/sda1
  • New Block Device : The new block device / partition you want to restore the old block device to. The new block device should be existing and of the same or greater size. This option is asked because of the fact that you may want to restore the old block device (lets say /dev/sda1) to the new block device (lets say /dev/sdb1) or anything of your choice. If you want to restore the old block device to the same block device, you should give the old block device details in the new block device field.
  • Snaphsot ID : The ID of the snapshot you want to restore. You can get the Snapshot ID from the restore window when you try to restore in the nuCDP server.

Once you submit the above details, the restore process will start. The following is a screenshot of a Bare Metal restore process :

BareMetal Restore CLI.jpg


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