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Welcome to the nuCDP Wiki!

nuCDP is an Enterprise Backup solution for Linux and Windows. nuCDP is ideal for Web Hosting companies for backing up their hosting servers. nuCDP keeps a track of block level changes and sends them to the backup server creating a virtual point in time snapshot. Users can restore from these snapshots by the click of a button. nuCDP can be installed on cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk, InterWorx. nuCDP can also be used on just about any server.

Installation and Usage

nuCDP is very easy to install.

nuCDP Client and nuCDP Server :

If you are a shared hosting provider and would like to offer your clients the ability to restore from backups see the quick installation guides for nuCDP Plugin as per your Control Panel :

NOTE : The Plugin for all shared hosting control panels will be launched soon.


If you need to contact us, all details are available on the Contact Us Page

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